Product Photography

We offer an outstanding No Risk Service photographing products for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, FaceBook & your website catalogue. Send us your products, we will professionally photograph and return them to you promptly.

We want you to be happy with our photography:
Send us a Test product with Return Shipping Label. We’ll shoot it and post it on your own Password Protected Page for your Approval. No charge. This will show you immediately if you wish to work with us or not.

We’ll send you an email “Chain of Ownership” whenever we receive a product. This will confirm that we received the product in perfect condition (or not).

How We Work:
After photographing your products in Camera RAW using high end Canon DSLR cameras and professional studio lighting, we prepare and resize the images to meet specifications. We normally shoot 3 images of each angle with various F-Stops and Shutter Speeds.

Then choose the best image. We fine tune each image in Levels & Curves to get a perfect white RGB255 background and subtle improvment of colors. Each image is truly the best work we can do every single time.

If we need to reshoot – it’s on us. No charge.

Approval Process:
We post images on your own Password Protected Page for your approval. When you are happy we’ll send you a Paypal Invoice. On payment of the Invoice we email the high res images via Dropbox or Google Drive. On larger projects we’ll do batches with progress payments. Then ship your products back to you.

No Risk:
We never ask for money upfront. If you don’t like us or our work for any or no reason you don’t owe us anything.

Free Merchant Words Keyword Research:
We pay an annual fee of $360 to Merhant Words to access their database. FBA Seller clients get the top Keywords with volume of searches for each product group photographed. Absolutely no charge.

Guaranteed Confidentiality:
Confidentiality is guaranteed, we will never share your information.

More Information & Product Photography Terms & Conditions.

Video Slideshows With Voiceover:
Our Professional images can be used to create SEO Video Slideshows with Voiceover to drive YouTube and Facebook traffic.

Navy Pillboxes – Black Pillboxes – Starfish Pillboxes to Amazon FBA Specs.

Amazon Navy Pillbox Top & Side_MG_6149,dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Navy Pillbox Open_MG_6150.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Navy Pillbox Profile_MG_6140.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Navy Pillbox on Hand_MG_6161.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Navy Pillbox Top & Coin_MG_6147.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Navy Pillbox Top & Bottom_MG_6153.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Black Pillbox Top_MG_6133.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Black Pillbox Open_MG_6145.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Black Pillbox Profile_MG_6139.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Black Pillbox Top & Bottom image 6134

Amazon Black Pillbox with Coin_MG_6132.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon Black Pillbox on Hand_MG_6109.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon pillbox starfish top image 6131.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon pillbox Starfish Dimensions image 6120.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon pillbox starfish open image 6114.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon pillbox starfish & Hand image 6115.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon pillbox Starfish & Quarter_MG_6113.dougbailey.jpg

Amazon pillbox starfish top & bottom image 6123.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of Beige Teddy Bear.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of purple toucan tybaby.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of orange soft toy.doug.baiely.jpg

photograph of gold teddy bear.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of brown teddy bear.dougbailey.jpg

4 photographs of Model T Ford Stein Mug.dougbailey.jpg