Graphic Art

We offer a reasonable cost Web Graphic Design Service. When we started building this site we shopped around and frankly could not find the combo that we wanted. So decided to put the money into educating ourselves.

Here are a few examples of Graphic Art we have created. We’re always experimenting with new programs and new art to keep our creative side fresh and relevant.

Also look at the t-Shirt designs, banners & photos on this site.

The Adobe CS programs we frequently use are Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. Plus a host of plugins.

As examples of our work, this site and everything on it was created by us with no outsourcing.

We’re glad to create Graphic Design Art just for you.


Healing Art – Graphic Art Ideas

triangle blueprint.dougbailey.jpg


Triiangle 1green.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 1

triangle color negative.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 2

spirial BV.dougbailey.jpg

Spiral BV

sphere and star.dougbailey.jpg

Sphere & Star

circle BV sketch color.dougbailey.jpg

Circle BV

orange oval and cameraman.dougbailey.jpg

Camerman Oval

liquid chrome.dougbailey.jpg

Chrome BV Circle



green triangle.dougbailey.jpg

Green Triangle

Green Dove Mardi Gras-1.dougbailey.jpg

DragonFire & Green Dove

Camera B2.dougbailey.jpg

B and Camera

burgundy amoeba.dougbailey.jpg

Burgundy Amoeba

Blue Triangle.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 3

Blue Triangle - 4-solarized dreams IV.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 4

Blue Triangle - 5 - solarized dreams III.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 5

Blue Triangle - 6 - Solarized Dreams II.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 6

Blue Triangle 7 - Solarized Dreams I.dougailey.jpg

Triangle – 7

Blue Triangle 8 Sketch Dark Charcoal

Triangle – 8

blue triangle 9 glow in the dark.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 9

Blue Triangle 10 comic book.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 10

B logo.dougbailey.jpg

B Logo

10 Point Star Liquify Pucker-1.dougbailey.jpg

10 Point Star

3D Dawn-1.dougbaiey.jpg

Wild Red – 2

3D Purple Faze Spotlight

Red Oval

3D Wild Red 1.dougbailey.jpg

Wild Red – 1