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Juicing for Health

Are you getting the recommended 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables every day? Probably not.

Hello, I’m Lenore & welcome to Juicing Lady!

Juicing for Health has recently become a way of life for us. I took the plunge and replaced my centrifugal juicer with a masticating juicer. The results of more juice with a drier pulp were instant, not to mention the super quietness of the machine. I’m using it daily and both my husband, Doug, and I love the delicious juices we are drinking. We also feel much more alive and energetic.

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Lots of Delicious Juice

As I learn more about the benefits of juicing I can see why there is such excitement about this healthy lifestyle.

Two days ago I made my morning juice for our son who was helping with some auto repairs. He came over this morning saying just that one glass of juice filled him with an energy that he’s never had before. He now has his own juicer and is juicing for his family too.

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Fat Burner Juice Ingredients

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In today’s world we eat on the fly and get calories in but not the nutrients. The easiest way to get your daily quota of vegetables and fruit is to juice them.

Even if you are having pizza for dinner or lunch you can still have a vegetable juice with it instead of a soda, and feel good that you have fed your body with a healthy drink.


If you have an elderly parent who has difficulty swallowing solid foods or a pickie eater child who doesn’t like the texture of certain foods like Broccoli or Brussels Sprouts, the best way is to juice them. By adding an apple or two as a base for the juice you will disguise the flavor of the Broccoli and the kids will think they are drinking a new kind of cool-aid!
Every household should own a juicer as part of the normal kitchen small appliances. Juicers can range in price from $20 for an average centrifugal juicer to a higher price for a more efficient masticating juicer. Over the longer term the higher price is justified as greater efficiency and more juice will easily cover the additional cost.

We will do our best to help you make the right decision about which juicer to buy, what recipes to use for best taste and health benefits, how to grow your own wheatgrass and more. Our videos will help and inspire, and show you exactly how I am living this healthy lifestyle.

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Diet Starter Juice

Added Bonus 1: I love to bake bread and have dozens of wonderful recipes that I’ve developed over the years. My new Omega Juicer grinds wheat, so I can now get my flour just the way I want it. The second grinding is giving me the texture I need for my five grain loaf.

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Gluten free is another advantage of being able to do this myself. Chickpeas and Lentils make excellent gluten free flour.




Added Bonus 2: Doug loves his pressed coffee. I grind whole beans and put them in a French Coffee Press, add hot water and mmm…

Added Bonus 3: Extrude your own Pasta when you need it. The pasta is mixed in a mixer first.

Added Bonus 4: I make my own Ketchup and Tomatoe Sauce. Simply put it all through the juicer and put it in the pot to simmer. Nice and easy, no skinning and chopping. No mess.

I’ll be creating videos and web pages devoted to these subjects shortly.

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Out with nasty calorie adding junkfood and in with delicious healthy nutrition!